MMI Asset Management

MMI provides access to investment opportunities with real results through our institutional approach to asset management and development.

We offer qualified private investors and institutions a well–managed portfolio of diverse real estate assets that mitigate risk. When you partner with MMI, you’ll discover that our entrepreneurial approach means careful and strategic investment decisions, designed to lead to real results.

The MMI Approach

We harness local market expertise to create a uniquely focused real estate portfolio, identifying the high-potential opportunities and market trends to target above-average returns.

We have a detailed, multi-faceted approach to asset management—including opportunity selection, development planning, project management, reporting and administration—so you know your investment is well looked after.

We can pivot quickly to changes in markets and opportunities because of our team’s size, experience, specialized expertise and entrepreneurial spirit.

We are involved in our markets, so we know what’s happening and what to watch for.

Our Team

Asset Management


Chris Macsymic

204 928 5019


Sean O’Neil

Development Manager
204 934 8905


Allie Zyla, CFA

Investment Analyst
204 928 5003


Mike Brown

Vice President,
Acquisition & Development
204 934 8904


Myla Tamio

Corporate Accountant
204 934 6244


Samantha Steg

Office Manager
204 934 6205